Buisness man avec sa cape


Wonder Client


Here is the story in a few words. Everything is true – or almost…

A long time ago (more than ten years ago), in a country made of buildings and roads, Management Assistant Wonder was moping around. The banality of the duties given – despite the gratitude of her professional environment – was no longer enough to occupy her days or satisfy her need for something that was always better, always more, and, most of all, why not different?

On a stormy day, lightning hit the building in which Wonder Assistante was working. When she awoke, her brain and abilities were heightened. It was then possible for her to read an IKEA assembly plan, and most of all, nothing seemed insurmountable! From that day onwards, she would come to the aid of all managers and self-employed people of the planet.

In 2006, she went to a meeting of young business creators, where she was told at great length that her project was crazy: How do you suppose you could create a company where you sell executive assistantship services by the hour and, moreover, self-employed? You’re not serious my dear… why don’t you go and get us some coffee?

Thanks to this valuable advice and encouragement, the Sole Proprietorship was created and the Mon Assistante trademark registered with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property).

A few years later, Wonder Assistante discovered that other Wonder Assistantes were on their way to help, but success was sometimes lacking.

So, she created a Wonder Academy, SAS Assistanalogie, which explained the different stages and difficulties they would need to overcome in order to succeed.

Over the years, more and more people found Wonder Assistante’s profession really interesting, and thought it was surely time to create a Wonder Company.

So, in 2017, the Sole Proprietorship was brought to Assistanalogie in order to create a Wonder Capital.

In 2018, we will tell you if any Wonder Investors helped Wonder Assistante…

to be continued


University education (French Language and Literature with English), training at the France Business School in Tours (ex-Escem) for the position of manager’s co-worker.

Before 2006: eight years of experience as a Bilingual Management Assistant for large French and foreign groups: MANPOWER – MCI WORLDCOM, but also for some real estate and IT SMEs, as well as for a French artist!

2006 : Creation of Mon Assistante – made-to-measure management assistantships. Testing and development of methods specific to this new profession.

2013 : Creation of Assistanalogie – a training organization dedicated to the profession of self-employed assistants.

Superpowers: Sense of service – Methodical – Continuously improving –

My Kryptonite: Chocolate (dark) – A lack of projects for my mind and those around me.

Super Clémentine avec sa cape


International Professional Master’s Degree in Management, with Techniques in International Trade: English and Italian

Experience: Trilingual Sales Assistant at DB Schenker-Joyau.

Customer Service and Logistics for the French and German markets at Home24 in Berlin.

Superpowers: Stung by a bee that gives makes her unnaturally energetic – She is in charge of Client Relations.

My worst enemies: Dinosaurs (impossible to fight against them) and inactivity.