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The Concept

Mon Assistante meets a simple need of clients: to benefit from assistantship services in management purely on request and with a service guarantee.

We do not think that classic executive assistantship is a model to be thrown away; on the contrary, we valorize it. Mon Assistante frees itself from the traditional rules in order to keep the best: discretion and professionalism. We add service to it.

In other words, we are available to deal with the duties you entrust to us; you do not worry about whether we want to, nor about the time needed to do it.

Welcome to a new generation of assistantship!

The Cost of our services

What value do you give to the time we are going to save you?

The value of our services is not only measured by deliverables; we create an atmosphere of trust around your company. Reliable and available, we are your allies on a daily basis.

We are much more than service providers; we share the life of your company with you and take part in improving it.

The majority of our services are on a pre-defined price range. Auditing, training, and Personal Assistant assignments are solely on quotation.

Our catalog is available on simple request, but only to clearly identified companies.


The concept in real life

8:30 am, Monday – The radio host announces the 3rd day of a heat wave.

Ring, ring: “Mon Assistante, hello!”

“Elodie! It’s Thierry, my TGV is stuck; there’s problem with the catenary due to the heat.

I’m afraid I’ll miss my flight. Can you inform the taxi I’ll be late to Montparnasse?”

Connection to the SNCF online traffic site – Skype to Clémentine: “Can you call the taxi and his colleagues in Italy?”

8:42 am: “Thierry, your TGV will arrive in 28 minutes, your taxi has been informed of the delay; with the margin of safety we recommend for the TGV, you should arrive in time for your flight.
We’ve informed your colleagues of the delay.”

10:50 am: SMS – “It’s fine, I’m on the plane! Thank you for your help.”

11:30 am: Conference Call

“Hello, I’d like us to evaluate the situation of the deliveries in progress for our French clients.”
– Screen Sharing – all participants access their files in real time –

12:15 pm: End of the meeting

12:20 pm: Urgent E-mail – “I’m going to Asia in 15 days and I don’t have a visa; can you call me?”

1:30 pm: Team Building Activity Choice File – 20 participants, all English speakers

3:00 pm: Starting to draw up specifications for a client – Version 1

4:00 pm: Update on the files in progress

This is a small sample of our trouble-free days, full of unexpected developments.